Iceland Day 1 – June 8

I think I can forecast a few things for my Iceland trip.

It will be a chilly, wet & windy week. The first sign is that all the natives are still wearing their parkas. I think I will be lucky to see highs of 10. Scotland was a tropical paradise compared to here. At least there should be no bogs.

It will never get dark here & as such I may never get a good sleep. It is now 23:00 as I write this, and even though it is very overcast, the light feels like 18:00 back home.

This will be the one & only beer picture you will see. Alcohol is very expensive here. This was a $10.00 beer. I noticed that all the flight staff immediately headed to the duty-free shop at the airport to pick up their boos.

These Icelandic words are a torture test from hell. It is the strangest sounding language I have ever heard.

It seems my small power bar that has been brilliant so far was the thing that blew up this morning. Coincidentally, I just received an email from Amazon to rate the product. Hmm.

Margo, here are some pics of my 3-course meal with lamb being the main course. I am stuffed.



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  1. No night, going to be difficult getting sunrise and sunset photos. Aren’t you a tough Canadian, you should be out there enjoying the weather shirtless, ah maybe not on second thought, not a pretty picture, but for some it would be a picture.. Enjoy.

  2. Barry I put on 10 LBs just looking at your meal. Off to the gym now.

    Oh by the way, it is about 90 degrees F here!

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