Iceland Day 4 – June 11

Today’s leg is about 472 km and according to Google maps, about a 5 h 33 min drive. My ass. Let’s try about 8+ h of driving. Wish I had my car as there were some great winding roads along the coast with almost no traffic to speed along. Lots of small pretty fishing villages along these eastern fjords. Very scenic.

Mainly overcast & raining so was unable to take many pictures.

I did a small detour to a town called Seydisfjordur which was one of the first settlements in Iceland. To reach Seydisfjordur, you have to travel over a very steep & narrow mountain pass. At the top of the pass for about 10 km, there was an almost whiteout on an extremely narrow road. This was not a road I wanted to take with this rental car ? Twice!


When I reached my hotel, they told me about the nice sauna they had on the second floor. Looks like the hot box in POW camps. Never tried it.


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  1. It’s been 2 days Barry and I need my church/waterfall/sheep picture fix. Lay off the geothermal baths(no pics please) and get going, tic toc!

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