Jasper in Winter – Feb 24

Jasper in Winter – Feb 24

The final day of the trip. The cloudy skies from last night left a small skiff of snow and reduced visibility to nil. You could barely see Whistler mountain from town. Might be a good day for some black & white photos if the clouds lift just a little.

Jasper Lake seems to be a golden spot for me as every time I pass through there are good light conditions. The only downside was the extremely windy conditions which were blowing very fine sand all over my camera. Keeping the camera steady on a tripod and trying to prevent the sandstorm from scratching my lenses was a challenge. In the first photo, I thought there was steam rising from open water in the distant background but it actually was a dust storm coming my way. They should use some of this sand for traps on the golf course. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

In the picture with a river, the snow was covering some very slippery ice which made it very difficult to keep my tripod from sliding around. Good thing the ice was not sloped or my tripod & I would have slid into the river. Now I need crampons for my tripod.

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