Scotland Circle Tour – June 6

Today I am travelling from Skye to Glen Coe. I thought I would try one last visit to Elgol, which is from the Isle of Skye to take some coastal pictures. Typical Scottish weather – rain/wind so limited photos at my last stop in Skye.

On the way to Glen Coe, I detoured to supposedly one of the most dramatic views in Scotland called Ratagan Pass. Limited visibility due to drizzling rain & wind. The view would have been great on a clear day. This rain picture is for you Randy.

I then travelled literally 1 mile over the pass & had a beautiful sunny view of a different valley.

Margo, I found this old Celtic buildi and thought that if I touched it, I would be transported back in time to find Claire. After all, who cares about Jamie? He’s damaged goods.


 From here I travelled onto Glen Coe with a few stops to see some of the famous mountains of Ben Nevis & Glen Nevis. If there were mountains here I could not see them through the rain.

Arrived safely & planned to do a sunrise trip in the morning to a few pre-selected sites. Sunrise means getting up at 03:00 hence why I did not have time to create any posts as I needed my sleep.

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