Golf – Day 5

I turned over the majority of blog writing to Chris for this day but I have a few comments.

We are staying at a Guest House called Lorimer House, which is just a large B&B. Ours has 5 rooms and is run by the owner & his wife. We arrived about an hour earlier than our expected time, and when Michael (owner) answered the door, I was thinking Hotel Bates, the way he stared us down. Once he found out we were his guests, he became very friendly.

When was the last time you saw a room key like this?

Lorimer Room Key

Here is the view from our window.dscf6445.jpg

Here is the view when you have wet golf shoes.


As far as golf, it is easy to hit what you think is a good chip only to see it pick up speed and roll over the green to the bottom of a hill 30 yards below and give the match away. All this while the 4 some behind you & their 4 caddies are watching/laughing. Enough said.

Infamous 13th Hole Kingsbarn

Chris’s Corner

Thursday started off well, the sun came up, at least we caught a glimpse of it, the first time this trip.  We had a nice homemade breakfast and then we made our way to Kingsbarns Golf Club.  We got there early to practice because we reeealy needed it badly.

Right from the time you drive up, the staff took great care of us.  Kingsbarns is truly a spectacular course all along the ocean.  The setting was perfect, mid-morning start time, the sun was shining, feeling good and a 35 kph wind (aarg).

Despite the back spasms, I finally played a half decent round and shot 85, with 3 birdies! (5 doubles),   Barry played well registering a birdie himself, but fell short and succumbed in the end (at the 13th hole – see scorecard)

Tip of the day:  If you see rain clouds in Scotland put on your rain pants immediately.

While it was sunny all day, we did have a quick rain shower which lasted the length of the 17th hole.  When it was done, we were completely drenched. Pants hugging our bodies like undersized spandex. Barry wanted to quit but I said “no”.  The sun came out again and we did finish.  The birds must have liked the colour of our car because they crapped on it about 50 times.

Caddies are in Blue

dscf6456.jpg dscf6496.jpg

We both concurred that this was our favorite course so far.  After a pint of ale (see photo), we returned to the confines of the Lorimer House.  Not a lot of parking, so we drove around the block a few times till something came available.

After refreshing, we walked down to the ruins to take a few pics and satisfy our cultural needs, then headed down to the Old Course to look around and then had some soup and fish cakes at the famous Jiggers Inn off the 17th fairway of St. Andrew’s.

img_0226.jpg  img_0225.jpg

Tomorrow we play St. Andrews, the old course, which looks quite cool as all the grand stands and scoreboards are set up for the British Open next month.  We will see if they will put our names up on the scoreboard when we play.

Barry’s off taking pics, (and I am so gratefully for him doing this) while I’m doing his blog.  Most of this will be edited by the time it hits the press. (Minor changes to correct the facts: Barry)

This is Chris signing off from St. Andrews.   Have a good evening and a pleasant tomorrow.

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  1. Looks like a really nice course and glad to hear the weather finally cooperated at least for most of it. Obviously these were your best scores to date since you finally posted them. Golfing at St.Andrews, Barry remember the ball mark. Enjoy

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