Goodbye Iceland – June 15

My last day in Reykjavik, Iceland.  The weather has been sunny for the last few days. It even got to 11 above and I thought it was a heatwave. Last few days have been long hours on the road but got to see a lot. 

No one is active before 09:00 in Iceland. I took a lot of pictures from the middle of the highway with my tripod before 09:00 & rarely saw a car. Everything shuts down by 21:00 as well. In fact, the roads are deserted by 18:00.

One thing I will not miss is the multitude of selfie infested zombies. I only wish I had the invented the selfie stick as I would be a billionaire now.

I was able to fit everything back into my suitcases. I am so glad that my family only needs this blog as my gift to them as nothing else is in the suitcases for you?

The sunset picture is from somewhere in Reykjavik. This was at midnight and it was still light enough to play golf.

Only regrets are not finding an elf or a puffin.


A few images of Reykjavik.



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