Iceland Day 3 – June 10

Today’s leg is about 271 km and according to Google maps, about a 3 h 26 min drive.


Today is my attempt to get a puffin picture. Dyrhólaey Point is the home of a large puffin colony and the only place on the ring road where puffins can be easily accessed. Unfortunately, the weather was not good (for me not for puffins) & one could not be found. Damn.

Dyrhólaey Point - Home of a Large Puffin Colony
Dyrhólaey Point – Home of a Large Puffin Colony

Did you know that greater than 50% of Icelanders believe in elves. I am going to try to find one. I don’t think Mickey found one either.

The sign seems to indicate that this road is only for 4×4. While you know what they say: There is no place a 4×4 can go that a rental cannot.


I think I made a wrong turn here. Is this really a road? Yup, can’t you see the yellow markers ?


I searched through this entire plane & could not find an Elf.


I searched all theses turf houses as well.


After all that searching, I needed a rest.


Did I mention how expensive food is here. A simple bowl of soup of the day = $20.00 Canadian. That is not a mistake. I have found a cheaper alternative which is available at every gas station. Very nutritious.


Tell Megan that I witnessed a birth today of a brand new baby iceberg. It was so cute.



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  1. What are you missing Chris or us that much that you have to take pictures of yourself or is that an elf dressed in blue?

  2. Barry you are not finding any elfs, they all migrated to Ireland centurys ago!! Your are wasting your time! Find something else to look for!!

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