Iceland/Scotland Post Trip

For my Scotland trip, I put on 1418 miles on my diesel powered Ford Focus.

I contacted Visa to put in a claim about the tire damage of £123.40 to the Focus. They said it would take a week to process but next day I got an email indicating that they will send me a full reimbursement. Yahoo! No not the web provider.

In Iceland, I put on 2300 km on my Darcia POS. A full tank of gas was costing about $90 Canadian. Will never accept this make of car as a rental ever ever again.

I brought my leaking hiking boots back to Camper’s Village and they gladly exchanged them for a new pair. Life is good.

Now if I can only stop waking up at 03:00 in the morning, everything should be good other than waiting for all my Visa bills to appear.

As a landscape photographer, I did a lot of research on good photo locations prior to my trip, but you are always at the mercy of the light once at site. I had fabulous light at some locations and not so good at others. But you make due with what is given. I guess I have an excuse to return now.

Over time, I will pick out my best photos and post them onto my smugmug account.

For the next trip, I would probably not do a blog in real time, as it was too time consuming. So unless I find better tools to stream line the process, it is better to write the blog after the fact.

Rannoch Moor
Rannoch Moor

Just in case you doubt any of the post pictures are fake, here is your favorite photographer at 07:10 in Rannoch Moor, Scotland, freezing his butt off.  Let’s review the fashion statement.

  • Jacquard Waterproof Beanie by Sealskinz. Waterproof and windproof. Warm and indispensable for this trip. Love the colors.
  • Leashless Jacket by Patagonia. Gortex jacket that was light, windproof, waterproof and has one small moss stain on elbow. Used everyday of my trip.
  • Atom AR Jacket Men’s by Arc’teryx. Mid-layer under jacket. Used sparingly in Scotland but everyday in Iceland.
  • MEC T2 Zip‑T. Base layer. Used everyday in Iceland.
  • Keb Trousers Long by Fjällräven. Best pair of hiking pants that I have ever owned bar none. Brilliant. Expensive though.
  • Pair of Oboz Bridger Mid BDRY boots. Not shown in picture. Supposedly waterproof boots that proved false.
  • Pair of Venta LT Gloves by Arc’teryx. Not shown. Used quite often as they are windproof and water-resistant.

Elf Hunter out.

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