MSK or the Highway

Since Tara was taking a Musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound Course in Red Deer, I hitched a ride with her and got to see Jordan play a couple of games in his spring hockey tournament in Penhold. MSK is used as an alternative to MRI’s was about all I remember of the medical talk that Tara explained in great detail to me. I also turned down Tara’s offer to be a model at the course.

We both watched Jordan play a team from Sask Friday night. Although Jordan made a nice assist to his centerman for a goal, his team eventually lost. This was their second game of the day.

The first thing that I noticed at the rink was a red band about 1 m wide painted on the ice along the perimeter of the boards. When I questioned Chris about this, he had not even noticed the band. It was at this point I started to question his coaching & observation abilities. The band is an indicator that this is a no hitting zone. This is supposedly the first rink that is trialing this.

Upon returning to the Red Deer homestead, Kim was having a sleepover party with some friends and they wanted to play the Xbox Just Dance game, but this causes a minor sibling argument with Jordan :). Everything was resolved and the game proceeded.

I lost the rock, paper, & scissors match with Tara and got a pick of which couch to sleep on. I think I need to have a MSK scan after my sleep 🙂

Saturday, while Tara was on course, we saw Jordan play an Edmonton team which they eventually lost to. Here are a couple of photos.

Yes, that is Jordan in the sin bin for body contact.


_DSC0121 _DSC0162 _DSC0149

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