Scotland Circle Tour – Day 2

As the weather was overcast & drizzling, I thought it was safe to have dinner at a pub and left my big Nikon at the B&B. As I watched it rain during supper, the skies started to clear & a funny yellow ball appeared in the sky. It looked like some beautiful sunset pictures were to be had but I did not have time to go back to the B&B to get my Nikon. Luckily I carry my Fuji everywhere and there were some unbelievable photo opportunities. Here is a sampling.

dscf7072-0.jpg dscf7091-0.jpg dscf7064.jpg dscf7037.jpg dscf7050.jpg dscf6991.jpg


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  1. where is this place? north or south of Edinburgh? Very pretty but what kind of real photographer goes on a photography trip without his camera! I think you have had one too many ciders….

    • These pictures are from Gairloch, which is on the NW coast. The B&B was out in the wilds. Only one more old stone house on the beach then wilderness. I would have liked to spend more time here. I had a camera, not just the big dog one.

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