Scotland Circle Tour – Day 5

I woke up to the pitter-patter of rain on my window. So I thought I would hit the shower to start the day. In this B&B, I have a private bathroom but it is located down the hall from my bedroom. Went to turn on the shower and to my surprise, there was none, only a bathtub – WTF. So I did a navy style shower. I then searched for my towel only to remember that they were put in my bedroom – WTF. Not a great start to the day. At breakfast, I met 2 young guys from Germany who were doing some hiking on the Isle of Skye.

My host assured me that there was an 80% chance of the sky clearing today. Good thing as I was about to rename this place to the Isle of Rain. By about 13:00 the sun did shine and I was able to see a few places before I leave tomorrow.

Pictures from road pullover locations on the island.



Dunvegan Castle. Only took pictures from the road but did not enter. Margo, maybe Jamie is hiding here.


These are from a place called Quiraing.

dsc_2119.jpg dsc_2118.jpg

These are from a place called The Fairy Pools. Can you see any fairies? Neither can I.


I did try to hike up to a famous place called Old Man of Storr but got rained out 3/4 of the way to the top. This was one of the sites I really wanted to see. At least I know all my raingear works pretty well.

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  1. Some very nice pictures, can’t wait to see the processed ones. Taxi looks to be from Edinburgh not the Isle of Skye.

  2. Fairies or not … the place is magical !! … The pictures are beautiful … the photographer has quite the eye as well … almost as good as the ones I get from my Sony RX100 ( I had to relook up what type of camera I had 🙂 feel i must watch the series Highlander tonight in honor of your trip to Scotland … it has nothing to do with the “romantic” undertones of the the show !! really … The posts have been very entertaining … thank you for the updates … keep safe enough and continue the adventure ! Love Tara

  3. Funny how your WiFi works best in the toilet because that is where I am getting the best reception too. Scotland as presented by Barry does indeed look like a magical place. A picture of rain would be nice. Please stop talking romantically about Jamie, as all that show seems to be about is buggery. Where is the famous isle where they make their scotch. Safe travels!

  4. Randy you Jack Randall you! Leave Jamie alone.

    I want to go back now and see all the little villages and towns and the highlands. So much to see and so much history. I love Scotland!! Aye?

    Tara the Scots thought an old chess set found years ago was petrified fairies…. they have them displayed in the museum in Edinburgh. They are quite impressive, I can see why they would think this.

    Barry did you go to the stones where Claire crossed over?

  5. The isle is Islay and I believe you are right on it now our close. WORLD FAMOUS for making single malt Scotch’s. Follow the smell of peet. Where are the pictures of the girls?!

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