Golf – Day 4

One last view of Royal Troon before leaving to the Eastern parts of Scotland.


Today we played Gleneagles quite late in the day ~ 16:30. We will be taking a scenic driving route to get there. First stop was at Cameron House in Loch Lomond. It was overcast & drizzling rain but we took a few snapshots before leaving.

Cameron House
Loch Lomond

Sidebar: Stu, Scotland is not a good place to cycle. They have no shoulders on the roads and the pavement is very rough. You will have to stick to golf.

Next was to take Chris through the Scottish highlands via a town known as Aberfoyle. According to my google research, this was a beautiful road however about 2 miles from our destination we hit signs indicating a road closure. So instead of turning around, we continue through as we saw lots of traffic coming the other direction. We eventually hit a road construction worker who very nicely told us we had to turn back. So Chris was denied seeing the highlands.

Sidebar: The Scottish people have been extremely friendly and helpful wherever we go. In fact, I would rate them as the most friendly of all the countries I have visited.

Next, we visited Stirling Castle and while it was a nice attraction, I do not believe it was worth an admittance fee of £15/person.

Our tour guide Stewart had texted me that there was a small chance we could get on early at Gleneagles Centenary. We arrived there about 3 hrs early due to our inability to see the highlands. We were told that we could not start early as there was a shotgun tourney on & it had to finish first. Asked us to check in closer to our tee time.

When we did checked in the  girl noticed that although our fees had been paid, we should have only been charged twilight rates. They could not refund any money but gave us a total credit of £140 that had to be used at the pro shop. Barry is now the owner of a nice windbreaker jacket. Please see our model pictures.

Golf. The good news is that there was very little wind. The bad news is that it was pouring rain to start & about 10 above. The other good news was that we   basically had the course to ourselves. The greens keeper drove by us on the 3rd hole and chuckled at us. He was wondering how things we’re going.

The rain actually stopped by 8th hole and it turned into quite a nice evening even though there was water on parts of the course. Very few pictures due to weather. Barry won this round handily and is up 3-1. The course was very beautiful. It was not a links-styled course at all but quite similar to our high-end courses back home like Northern Bear.

dscf6422-0.jpg dscf6419-0.jpg dscf6425-0.jpg

Chris’s Corner

So Chris, what do you say on the corner today?
I may have to find a different retirement activity.   The week is still young though and I still have great expectations.  Gleneagles was very nice course, very nice layout, but there was about a half a mile between holes( as the Japanese twosome blew by us.). Kings barn tomorrow which is suppose to be awesome and I’m told they have a good practice facility so we will need to get there early.  I have to agree, the Scottish people have been extremely friendly even when Barry drilled one in the chest with his drive, he didn’t say a bad word.  Off to bed.


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  1. Didn’t they have any other colors for your windbreaker? You indicate the roads are too narrow and rough for cycling, I would argue that the golf courses look too narrow and rough for golfing and you should take up cycling. In addition, you will not likely meet any Scottish girls your age golfing but you might meet one that hits you with her car while cycling.

    Feasgar math

    • Stu, I tried to find your favorite pink but that was only available in the women’ section. Why do you have a preoccupation with hitting women? BTW, I am looking for women much younger than me.

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