Golf – Day 2

Sorry, no post yesterday as I suffered from extreme jet lag. Our first day we arrived safely, picked up our golf clubs and met with our golf tour guide. He gave us this nice gift which the winner will take home. The idea is that you pour the whiskey into the cup and then share drinking it. That is not going to happen.


Barry is leading the Quaich tourney 1-0 as I am the only one with a birdie.


2 rounds, 18 sand traps, 0% exits in one shot. That is Chris’s average to date. Many of these traps are a bit wider after Chris has played in them.

Barry = 5 traps, 100% exits in one shot.

The first round was a bit of shock to the system. No practice range to warm up, 10 above, 25-mile wind & a bit of drizzle. That is how real men play real golf. Thank god for my new MacWet gloves & Iceland beanie.

dscf6225.jpg dscf6224.jpg dscf6241.jpg

Today was Turnberry Ailsa. Beautiful golf course & great weather. Lost a few golf balls today. The price for 3 Titleist Pro 1 balls is £13.50 or about $25 Canadian in the pro shop. Did not see Donald Trump but did see his son I think.

Chris Preparing for his Round @ 10:00


This is a bush known as gorse. It has a strange attraction to my golf balls.

Few pictures of famous Turnberry lighthouse & course.

dscf6290.jpg dscf6300.jpg dscf6306.jpgdscf6278.jpg dscf6295.jpg


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