I think this social media stuff has a real chance of taking off so I thought I would jump in right in at its infancy 🙂 Anyways, I thought I would create this web site to document my travels and to highlight some of my photography as well. Web site is definitely under construction so you might find a few gaps here & there.

Maybe some of you creative types, like Elora, could come up with a nice logo for my web site.

My only tagline right now is: I am a photographer and I try to take damn good pictures.

I expect that the web performance will probably be slow given my small server and relatively slow uplink speed I have on my internet connection.

Oh and Reamde is actually a virus that has infected your computer by the fact of you reading this post. It will encrypt all your computer files until you pay me ransom to get an unlock key.

Just kidding. Reamde is a novel by Neal Stephenson and it was a virus in that book. It is play of Read Me = Reamde.

Have a look around and feel free to comment.

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  1. I am making my first ever comment on someones BLOG. You should feel very privileged that I am doing this. nice to see you today and it was a pleasure reading some of your BLOG I will read more tomorrow. If I have absolutely nothing else to do.

  2. I also have nothing better to do and in fact feel sick. I think that is a photo of the virus I have Tell me it is not Ebola I look forward to constructively criticising this blog in the future!

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