Onward to Fife

Day 4 (Wednesday)

Today we travel from Troon to play PGA Centenary Gleneagles and then to St Andrews to our hotel. Our tee time is 16:30 so we should have some time for sightseeing along the way.

The most logical stop would be Stirling Castle which is on the way and a very popular historical site. Second only behind Edinburgh castle. Stirling is famous for the Battle of Bannockburn which saw Robert the Bruce defeat the English invaders in 1314, as well as the Battle of Stirling Bridge, a victory for Scottish independence secured by the legendary William Wallace. Remember Braveheart.

The two routes to chose from include the direct & quickest to the more scenic but longer. Which one can I convince Chris to take?

The direct route is about a 1 hr 10 min drive (59 miles). Boring

Boring Route

The scenic route is through Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, where we will experience some magnificent scenery of mountains and lochs. This is about 2 hrs (91 miles).

The route only smart people would take

With the scenic route, we can have a stop at the Cameron House on Loch Lomond which is Britain’s largest lake and, according to author Walter Scott, is “The Queen of Scottish Lakes”. Who would not want to stop here.

Cameron House

After Cameron House, we can stop at Doune Castle. This is being used as the fictional Castle Leoch – home to
Colum MacKenzie and his clan for the TV show Outlander.

Then we can then spend 2-3 hrs at Sterling Castle before moving on to the golf course which is about a 25 min (19 miles) drive.

Sterling Castle

After golf, we need to drive 1 hr 10 mins (45 miles) to our hotel, The Lorimer House in St Andrews area.

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  1. Chris you only live once, take the scenic route. You can take the Outlander StoneHenge time machine if you need to get your hour back.
    P. S. This message has been approved by the Committee to Re-elect Barry Superfund

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