Scotland – Auld Lang Syne – June 8

Dragged my butt & sore back out of bed to witness what has been the best morning since coming to Scotland. My intent was to take photos from one of the iconic waterfall spots in Glen Etive. But when I got to the main road by the harbor just 5 mins from my room, the water was as smooth as silk and the sunrise beautiful. Something like my golf swing. Stopped & took some pictures for about 30 mins before proceeding to the waterfall. This is how the trip should have been every day☺️.

At the waterfall, there was already another photographer there. In fact, I had met him & his friend yesterday afternoon while we were scouting similar locations. He showed me a couple of his photos which were quite nice. He even guessed that I was Canadian from my accent. Love it when they do not call me an American.

_DSC2689 _DSC2711 _DSC2738

Back to the hotel to pack & eat breakfast. I was seated with an older couple who were from Perth, Australia. They were both originally from Scotland & were back touring around. He also guessed that I was Canadian & knew all about the women’s World Cup happening in Edmonton.

Mishap of the day: while unplugging all my charging equipment from my mini power bar, a bright blue spark & a little electrical crack happened. Blew all the fuses in my room so I am not sure if any of my electrical equipment was damaged. I guess I will see in Iceland. Not even sure why this happened.

Returned safely to the Hertz car rental stop in Glasgow airport and anxiously watched the guy do an inspection. Everything was good EXCEPT he found damage to the front passenger tire, the same one that was in the ditch. The sidewall was damaged & they said the tire had to be replaced. They charged me £120 on my visa. The lad doing the inspection was very apologetic about charging me but if he only knew what that car went through. One expensive tire. I will now find out how easy it will be to get a claim from Visa, as the tire cost should be covered for no charge to me. That could be another whole blog story yet.

Now here I am writing blog posts in the airport. The good thing is that it sure makes time pass quickly.

Overall a great trip and I would come back here again, both for the scenery and the people.

Onward to Iceland where I get my rental car tomorrow and can unpack half my stuff into it. And just when I was getting the hang of driving on the left-hand side of the road. Iceland drives on the proper side of the road.

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  1. LOVE the 2nd Pic! that one is awesome!!

    I love Scotland too, it is truly a very special place but I want to go back and see the little villages.
    I am working with a Scottish physician these days and cannot agree more how nice the people are, but the red heads do have tempers I learned that one while out visiting the country.

    Did you see where they make Harris Tweed?

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